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    Hmm der hat mal ne Menge TTS Fotos gesammelt. Übrigens auch einige aus dem Forum hier.

    It was to ease the wait for my personal TTS. It finally arrived last week after six long months! I gathered all the pics from several forums/galleries around the world (including this site). I figured it would be useful for people to have a central place to look. I still add images on the regular basis, so check back regularly. Let me know if you have any suggestions... Enjoy!

    I just added a Modified section to the Gallery. More and more images will be added as they become available. There is over 1,800 images so far! To my knowledge this is the largest TTS gallery worldwide! Enjoy!


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    looks awesome..tx for sharing this pics...

    btw, i think in us are the default settings of the light management a bit different...when u have your LED daylight on..which other lights are on?

    Thank you Frank,
    I am changing out the head lamps for some Euro Spec ones. As for the Grill, it is the same, just has a filler panel for no number plate. Oh and I'm located in Oregon ;)


    Not everyone here wants a muscle car. The trend is shifting for a lot of people. More for Hybrids. Personally the TTS is the best of all worlds! Reminds me a lot of my 2003 mk1 TT. The TTS is my 4th TT, so I'm no stranger to the TT world. My last was the 3.2 mk2 TT S-line:


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    Die Falte in der Sitzwange ist ja zum heulen...

    Geile Farbe!

    Yeah... I know. I figured it happened from the truck driver sitting on it that way... It was delivered that way :(