TT 3.2 8J für meine Frau -> Kaufberatung

  • Hallo zusammen,

    meine Frau träumt schon lange von einem TT. Nun möchte ich ihr den Wunsch erfüllen und habe auch schon einen optisch passenden gefunden.…Pasteboard&utm_medium=ios

    Könnt Ihr mir sagen was besonders zu beachten ist? Ist das S-Tronic sooo anfällig?

    VCDS und bissel Schrauben kann ich auch. :P

    VG und Danke für eure Unterstützung


  • Moin und Willkommen, hat jetzt 3 Jahre keine Wartung, sollte also kpl. Alles getauscht und gewechselt werden (Filter, Öle und Flüssigkeiten, Kerzen). Wenn du VCDS hast, Fehler checken. Beim Fahren merkst du schon ob das Getriebe vernünftig schaltet.


    Audi TTS 8J Roadster


    WOT is, wenne nur noch Teppich zwischen Gaspedal und Bodenblech has! 😜

  • Also ne Inspektion sollte bei dem Preis mit drinn sein.....und die lamdasonden vor und nach Kat solltest du auch gleich erneuern...vorsichtshalber. Neue Kerzen würde ich auch empfehlen...also alles nur kleinigkeiten und dann issa für die Mutti ok:);)

    Guß Michael

    PS bei der laufleistung müsste das Getriebe eigentlich noch ok sein kommt aber drauf an werund wie der TT gefahren wurde

  • Die Felgen auf der rechten Seite sind 100% im Arsch! ( siehe Bilder )

    - Rost in unter dem ausfahrbahren Spoiler prüfen.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen


    Audi A3 8L 1.6 101 PS (verkauft)
    Audi S3 8L 1.8T 225 PS (verkauft)
    Audi TTS 8J 2.0 TFSI 272 PS (verkauft)
    Audi TTRS Plus 8J 2.5 TFSI 360 PS (verkauft)

    aktuell Audi TTRS 2.5 TFSI 400 PS

  • Da das ein 3,2 ist und der bekanntlich mal Probleme mit Kettenlängung haben kann auf alle Fälle die MWB kontrollieren.

    VCDS ist ja vorhanden.

  • For both Coupes and Roadsters, typical problems to be aware of include saggy leather seats, noisy / failing window regulators, knocking steering racks, broken hood opening lever and poor (ground) connections to rear lights. There's also the risk of a broken glove box hinge if and when the damper stiffens up.

    A VCDS or OBDeleven will provide some information including chain stretch, but there are a few things you will need to physically check as well -

    Be aware that 2.0T TSI engines produced between 2009-2011 are prone to high oil consumption. Be sure the owner has a full service history.

    The high pressure fuel pump cam follower is another issue Audi failed to mention during routine maintenance. If the cam follower fails, it can destroy the cam and will be an expensive repair. It's recommended for replacement every 25,000km.

    Hole worn through cam follower results in damage to the cam lobes.

    If you are looking at a Quattro, be sure the Haldex oil and filter have been changed regularly. Many service shops, including Audi, don't replace the filter because it doesn't show up on the parts list. But the Gen 2 and Gen 4 Haldex have two filters, including a small strainer on the pump.

    Haldex Filter and Strainer on the pump

  • A few things to consider on the TT you are looking at -

    If you see "sport suspension" check to see if it has Audi Magnetic Ride or "Mag Ride". These are electronically controlled shocks. I have it on mine and I don't use it for daily driving. Be aware these are very expensive to replace.

    The Audi head unit (Sat Nav), is called RNS-E. Audi doesn't mention it, but these were often set up to accept a Reverse Camera. The camera was never offered as an option, but if it has RFSL, it can be retrofitted. Because this is a very outdated unit, many people are replacing it with Xtron units which are Android based.

    Since this is a 2007 with a VR 3.2, the timing chain tensioner may be an issue. See if there is any history of it being replaced. As mentioned above, a VCDS can be used to check for chain stretch.

    Consider this is a 13-year old car you can expect some out of pocket maintenance expenses in the near future. Audi's are not cheap to own and maintain and a 3.2 is not common for Mk2. In fact it was only offered with the pre-facelift models. However since the mileage is relatively low, you should be able to get any issues resolved without too much trouble.

  • One other thing to consider with VAG DFI engines is carbon build-up on the intake valves. This is common with all VW-Audi Direct Fuel Injected engines and will eventually have to be resolved. Walnut shell blasting is a good method, but finding a shop that can do this work can be a challenge.

    When this service is performed, it's usually time to have the fuel injectors inspected, serviced or replaced.

    Carbon build-up on DFI intake valves.

  • Hallo TTmichel63 - und mein Deutsch ist schrecklich! Ich bitte um Entschuldigung. :-) (

    Schön was Du alles so im Netz findest. Dann kannst Du ja den Übersetzer nutzen und hier in deutsch posten und dann auch gleich mal eine Vorstellung hier im Forum vornehmen. Das gilt übrigens für einige andere hier in diesem Beitrag auch!!!;)

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  • @ Swiss2004 - The early Mk2 TTs had a number of technical service bulletins issued against them for many of the issues I mentioned above. So you may want to look for a 2010 or later. By that time the early production issues were generally resolved. As TT-Eifel mentioned, the High Pressure Fuel Pump Cam Follower is not an issue with the 3.2, but as the 3.2 was only offered in early Mk2 production, most Mk2 TTs will not have the 3.2 engine which is why I mentioned in in the event you go with another engine.